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Margo RandomMargo Random is the originator and driving force behind Blueberry Playsongs. She is a N.Y.- born performer/ musician with a background in the theatre and live and recorded music. Margo studied at the State University of New York and the Welsh College of Music and Drama before embarking on a career in acting and then working with her own bands in both the pop and jazz fields.

When her daughter Abigail was born, performing took a subtle shift and babies became the focus: "Blueberry came about because I wanted to give my own daughter an early exposure to live music. I took my guitar to our playgroup one day and sang the babies some songs and found an amazingly favourable response. Blueberry Playsongs was born!"

Abi Abi with Margo


Other Team Members

Roger, Blueberry Playsongs team leader    Roger has been a professional performer since the age of 12, appearing in plays, musicals, opera, T.V., film and radio working as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and drama teacher.  He has played the guitar since the age of 14 and joined Blueberry Playsongs in 2004.  When not working with children, Roger likes to be with his own children, Bethany and Gabriel, who he believes to be wonderful.

    Azadeh is an award-winning singer/songwriter from London who has performed with the likes of Jools Holland, Robert Cray and Faithless front man Maxi Jazz.  Azadeh is a firm believer in the healing quality of music and its capacity to bring genuine connection and sense of collective creativity to anyone who taps into it.  She is now available to wow you and your little ones with her lovely voice at your party or playgroup!

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