Blueberry Parties are wonderfully fun musical parties for 1 to 5-year-olds!

Tim at a partyOne of our talented team of Blueberry entertainers will play guitar and sing songs with actions, joining in, jumping, rhythm games, circle games, dancing with bubbles and a special appearance by one of our gang of puppets! We also bring along a colourful parachute if space permits and a bag of shaky egg maracas.

Blueberry Parties entertainment lasts for 45 minutes and the cost is £125 London-wide.This includes sticker name-labels for the children, 20 Blueberry balloons and a special birthday present for the Birthday Boy or Girl. (We prefer the party to have under 20 children.  If its a bit over, please add an additional £10.)

We began Blueberry Parties in 1991 for members of Blueberry Playsongs music groups and have grown to include all of London .

Playing a triangleChildren’s love of music gives us the opportunity to present a truly inter-active experience for them rather than a passive one of simply watching and listening. Participating in the performance is better socially for the children as well and makes for a really fun time! Our entertainers are accomplished performers with years of invaluable experience. We will keep your little ones amused and enthralled to form the perfect centrepiece for your party.

To book a Blueberry Playsongs party, please call us on 020 8677 6871 or email to check date availability.

Once we have confirmed, please click here for your party booking form.

Have a very Happy Blueberry Birthday Party!


Over to the Mums:

“Great fun - the children were enraptured!”

“It was just as we’d hoped it would be.  The children (and adults) all loved it and the time flew by.  Thank you so much!”

"It was just perfect, not too commercial, not cheesy, just lovely, thanks."

“Blueberry is wonderful entertainment for little ones; fun, cheerful and gentle.”

“Thank you, Blueberry. Azadeh captivated them for the whole session and has such a beautiful voice!”

“Please thank Roger for me - he balances fantastically between calm and fun and all the children loved it!”

“They loved all the songs and the puppet was a treat.”  "My son has listened to the CD over and over!"

“Margo was perfect!  Everyone loved it.  Lots of positive feedback.”

"We were very happy that you kept the children entertained for such a long time!  Have had lots of compliments from parents attending."

"Other parents said it was the best party entertainment and that children engaged more than usual."

"We were thrilled- the children loved the party and it was thanks to the great entertainment provided."

"Roger is a brilliant performer with a great voice.  He had them all screaming with laughter- they are still talking about it!"

"45 minutes was the perfect duration and all the children from 1-5 were mesmerised!  Thank you x"

"Blueberry was fantastic and the process was very easy and efficient.  Well done and thank you very much!"

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