What the Blueberry Mothers say

“The lessons are well balanced and have just the right mix of active songs, nursery rhymes and instruments.”

Blueberry Playsongs Music Group“George loves the class and I’m so glad he’s getting an early exposure to music.”

“Extremely well put together. Maya has become a little confident girl since joining- thank you!”

“I’ve brought children to Blueberry for about 6 years and they have all enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to come.”

“Tim is wonderful.  Our children look forward to it all week.”

“Amanda and I are both loving the music.  Your CD and classes are equally excellent.  You have set up a great programme!”

“The mix of live and recorded music is what makes Blueberry special- it’s better and more adaptable to the speed of the children.”

“A really fun class - Roger deserves a knighthood!”

“Sasha just loves the whole experience and we find the weeks have enough continuity and variety to make them just right.”

“Blueberry has a very special place in my heart.  It’s been the highlight of my whole existence in London.  Miles and I will really miss it now we’ve moved.”

 “My fourth child will be coming in September and I’m sure will enjoy it just as much as the other three.”

“Wonderful session - well done!  Frank is brilliant and we all adore him.”

“Highly enjoyable with just the right mix of songs and activities.”

“Elizabeth really enjoys the classes and loves to re-enact the songs at home.”

“A brilliant music class- we love it.  Claire has a blast!”

“Thank you, Margo, for all the fun you’ve given to Freya over the last few years and for the invaluable joy for music and song she now has.”

“My friend said, if you do anything, do Blueberry!”

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